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East Austin College Prep MLK is proud to immerse students in GLOBALORIA, an award winning learning network with courses in STEM, computing, game design and coding.
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East Austin College Prep MLK

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Location: Texas
Active Teachers: 2
Active Students: 292

Active Classes: 13
Games in Gallery: 648

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2010-11 GLOBEY AWARDS: 6th Grade Social Issue Game FINALISTS

media:Estefanief2017 turtlegamefinal.fla

media:SalvadorA2017 GameDesign3 2.fla


media:Anjelicaz2017 finalgameAuschwitz.fla

2010-11 GLOBEY AWARDS: 6th Math Mini-Game FINALISTS

media:Andreal2017 finalgame.fla

media:Finel game2.fla

media:Natalialo2017 finalgame.fla

media:NormaT2017final game.fla

2010-11 GLOBEY AWARDS: 7th Grade Globaloria Game FINALISTS





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